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When it comes to members within the BDSM genre non other than the crossdresser members really know how to take the word submissive and turn it into a pure art form, in so much as crossdressers really know what being a TRUE sex slave is really about

I've always been fascinated reading BDSM crossdress profiles of which the vast bulk are from older submissive tranny members and whilst some CD,TV, & TS do have a dominate side to themselves its clear that the vast bulk of mature members are submissive! and lets be honest would you really want a crossdressing slut to be any other way other than obeying your every request, no matter how extreme!...........or painful

Mature crossdressers especially the sissy maids have gained so much from online contacts website's as now finding BDSM contacts that want to meet with transvestites takes no effort at all and what once was a real struggle takes only a few clicks to view thousands of personals adverts from submissive crossdressers looking for there ideal master, to give them the training they need!

" Crossdress for training, please apply within "

Its clear as a dominate master looking for submissive crossdress males you really won't have to look far although something I've been seeing lately is where the crossdressers are owned sluts and looking for dominate males but with the permission of their master, so long as the crossdress slave tells them exactly what happened, its almost like a crossdresser cuckold agreement !

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With the personals adverts we have from crossdressing contacts it seems almost any type of submissive slut can be found, from those just wanting a bit of domination right up to members looking for harsh punishment, abuse & real pain

Needless to say all the submissive crossdressing profile we have everything is done within role playing sex and nothing is every forced onto a member .........unless in roll playing sex!

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sample CD/ TV & TS adverts

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hi I'm a horny submissive cd living in Southampton / Hampshire and looking to meet with dominate owners / masters for training. I will dress as a sissy 247 for you, do housework, cook and be your sexual slave obeying your every request. The only condition is no marks as I'm married
Hampshire swingers
Joined 12/02/10

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tranny looking for dominant mature males for training. I am owned by a master some miles away from me and he does "lend" me out to others for training so please note all your emails will be answered by him and he will then arrange a place for us to meet. I have my own home and my master has told me what equipment to stock of little dungeon with so you are more than welcome to turn up here and use me.
Dorset Swingers
Joined 19/03/09

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mature XDresser thats looking for local contact as I can't travel far. I offer myself completely to my masters / owner and I have no limits and have done and enjoyed caning, toilet training, water sports, massive insertions, wax and rape / group sex. I also have a large home that I offer B&B too so if you like I could dress as a sissy maid and offer you a total service making myself available 247 to your needs and requests
West Sussex Swingers
Joined 21/02/08

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